Show 1741 – October 7 & 8

Happy Weekend!  Fall is the perfrect time to get off the grid and take a vacation, we have travel tips from Travelocity today.  The Queen of Pop Country music Shania Twain is going to share why she started writing music again after a 15 year break.  Are you a coffee lover?  WalletHub’s Jill Gonzalez counts down the the Best coffee cities in the United States!  With so many great places to travel, find a new fun city with Travelocity Expert Keith Nowak.  In a fashion rut and looking for a new look?  Kia Malone joins the show to give us her style hacks!  Many people often avoid giving their health the attention they deserve.

If you’re a coffee lover you’ll love this week’s segment of “The List”!  We explore the best cities for you to visit ranked by Jill Gonzalez from WallettHub.  Sure, New York is on there, but can you may be surprised about who comes in the top three!  Keith Nowak from Travelocity joins us about exciting new places to travel.  Do any of his choices include the best coffee cities?


Do you feel like you’re wearing the same outfit or hairstyle everyday?  Lifestyle expert and TV Host Kia Malone gives us a fresh ideas to give our current look an update.  Are you a lover of linguals?  Plug your ears as we deal from the deck for Urban Dictionary!  Bob draws “Front” from the deck.  Can you guess the definition?  Plus, Brickman is a big IKEA fan.  The days of putting together your own furnature is about to end!  Are you a fan of IKEA but hate putting it together? Never put furnature together again as UBER has now bought Taskrabbit, who’s biggest task requested is putting together IKEA furnature!

Hyundai Hope on Wheels director Zafar Brooks shares how the program continues it’s commitment to curing pediatric cancer.  Brynne’s favorite coffee company is trending once again this fall because of it’s Moniker, PSL.  Leading Women Health Expert Dr. Alyssa Dweck shares great tips on how to maximize and embrace good health through all the expected and unexpected changes.    Plus, find out what does Taylor Swift do when she gets bumped from the number one slot on Brickman Beat.

It’s Artist Spotlight with the Queen of Pop Country Shania Twain who talks about her new album “Now”.  After taking 15 years off from the music industry, learn why Shania has decided to return to the limelight.  Plus, where was she singing in the early years before she had signed a Record contract!  Check out the transcript of the interview by clicking here!

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Jim Brickman Show Replay – 1742

Its the Jim Brickman show replay for October 7 & 8! We talked with Pop Country Queen Shania Twain this weekend. Tune in here to listen to the full show!

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