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Weekend of March 28 & 29, 2015

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Carrie's New Clothing Line!

American Idol Winner
Carrie Underwood

The American Idol winner and country superstar stops by to talk about her brand new album Greatest Hits Decades #1. Listen to the interview to the left!

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Must See Movies

Entertainment Reporter
Kevin Steincross

Kevin started at FOX 2 St. Louis in 1996 as a general assignment reporter, then became a co-anchor of FOX 2 News Weekend.  He moved into the role of morning newscaster in 1998.  Steincross earned his Bachelor's Degree at Baylor University in Texas and a Master's Degree from Columbia University in New York.  Today Keven Steincross is the TV and Entertainment reporter at FOX 2 and has interviewed some very interesting people...from Presidents Clinton and Bust to Jennifer Lopez and John Travolta.

View trailers for Home, Gunman, Insurgent and Do You Belive here!
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Insider News from TV and Music

Erich Bergen

Erich Bergen stars as Blake Moran in the CBS Show Madam Secretary airing Sundays at 8pm starring Tea Leoni, Bebe Neuwirth, Keith Carradine and Tim Daly.  The show is CBS's second highest rated new drama and has already received a full second season order to start in the fall.  Bergen also is star on the big screen as he appeared in the Clint Eastwood film Jersey Boys, released in 2014 and now available on DVD, BluRay and on demand.  Erich Bergen's new album Never Give Up was released summer 2014 and is available on iTunes or can be purchased at

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Natural Tea Secrets

Ryan Florio
Inca Tea Fonder

Creator and founder of the fast growing tea company Inca Tea, Ryan Florio stops by Your Weekend.  Hear Ryan's inspiring story of how a trip to South America sparked the idea to use purple corn in his tea, creating a product that isn't anywhere else on the market.

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Intel Talent Search Finalist

Teen Scientist
Reesab Pathak

Reesab Pathak, 16, of Camas, Washington, who was motivated by the prevalence of HIV in his ancestral home of Nepal, conducted a two-year research project to clarify the mechanism of a new HIV vaccine for his Intel Science Talent search project in medicine and health. Using a vaccine targeting the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), which causes AIDS in Rhesus macaques, Reesab demonstrated that the MHC-E protein is responsible for activating a subset of cytotoxic T cells. T cells are a vital component of the immune response that detect infectious material presented on the MHC proteins of infected cells. This finding is potentially important because MHC-E is very similar in humans and macaques, making it more likely that a vaccine developed using this property of the immune response could effectively induce HIV immunity. Moreover, MHC-E-mediated immunity had not been demonstrated before for SIV or HIV vaccines. Reesab is president of the student government and secretary of the Science Olympiad at Camas High School. A pianist and composer, he is a Vox Novus Composition award winner. The son of Bima and Roopa Pathak, Reesab has earned many awards and is co-author of a paper published in the Journal of Immunology.

Find out more about Intel Science Talent Search here!

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