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Weekend of April 25 & 26, 2015

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Healthy Snacks with no Guilt Attached!

Cleveland Clinic
Welness Manager
Kristin Kirkpatrick

Kristin Kirkpatrick is a Wellness Manager at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, and oversees the nutrition component of Cleveland Clinic’s Lifestyle 180 program, which is focused on disease reversal. Previously, Kristin worked for Cleveland Clinic Employee Wellness and was responsible for managing large-scale wellness initiatives and projects throughout the Cleveland Clinic Health System.  Kristin began her career at Cleveland Clinic working in the Department of Cardiovascular Genetics while studying at the University of Akron’s coordinated program in Dietetics.  Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic, Kristin was the Regional Coordinator of the NHLBI’s (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) Hearts N’ Parks program in Montgomery County, Maryland.  During her time with Hearts N’ Parks, Kristin designed, implemented and measured health promotion programs within the Washington DC metro area.  She began her career in health in health and nutrition in Washington DC, lobbying for Medical Nutrition Therapy reform with the American Dietetic Association’s Policy and Advocacy group. 

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Cooking On The Radio!

Food Network Star
Katie Lee

For Katie, culinary personality and co-host on Food Network's "The Kitchen," cooking wasn't just a hobby growing up - it was a way of life. Raised in a modest, tight-knit West Virginia family, each evening centered around the dinner menu. Eager to get involved, Katie began cooking at the tender age of 4 under the guidance of her mentor Grandma Dora. Using fresh vegetables from her grandpa's garden and meat from the family's cattle and pig farms, Katie quickly learned the value of seasonal ingredients. Katie's first cookbook, "The Comfort Table," was released in 2008, soon followed by "The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions" (2009). In addition to her comfort food cookbooks, she published her first novel, "Groundswell," in 2011. Her third cookbook "Endless Summer Cookbook” is set to debut April 14, 2015. Outside of her culinary and literary adventures,Katie sits on the Celebrity Board for Feeding America and is a supporter of 96 Elephants for the Wildlife Conservation Society. When not working or volunteering, she enjoys surfing, traveling and playing with her pug, Fionula.

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The Best Ways to Save this Spring

Money Man
Matt Granite

Our resident "money-saving guru" has made it his mission to live a five-star life on a one-star budget, sharing exclusive daily deals and savings tips on TV stations across the country, and now on Your Weekend!

Listen to Matt's segment in the rewind to find out how to make your money go far.

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Taking Care of Your Body

Chiropractor & Inventor
Dr. Evelyn Haworth

Graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor of science in May 1978 Roanoke College in Salem Virginia where she also held a paid merit position of physics teaching assistant. She received a bachelor of human biology in December 1981, Dr. of Chiropractic in December 1983 from national college of chiropractic in Lombard ill. In chiropractic school Evelyn was singled out as a natural and broke the record for the most patient visits in the school’s history during her internship. In 1984 she opened Greater Chicago Chiropractic and was operating in the black within 2 months of opening. In November 1994 she achieved a D.I. Hom from the British Institution of Homeopathy in London England. At the peak of her practice she averaged 225 patients per week and attracted 20 new patients per week. Evelyn has treated over 15,000 patients over her career. In September 2011 Evelyn invented the first prototype of the Tru-Align Body System. One year later she patented the product and in January 2014 the Tru-Align was brought to market.

Learn more about the Tru-Align system here!

What's New in the Boy Band World?

Music Critic
Melissa Ruggieri

Melissa Ruggieri is the Pop Music Critic at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. She has been writing about music in Atlanta, Virginia and South Florida long enough to have seen more than 2,000 concerts and can still remember when MTV was awesome. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two adopted cats.

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