Weekend of April 12 & 13, 2014

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Irma Blanco

Instagram brings a family together after 10 years in Good News Neighborhood.

Ways to cut back on spending for chrildren's entertainment on The Latte Factor!

What are 6 foods a nutritionist would never eat? Click to find out!

Check out 30 great Spring dishes to cook up this season.

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Lance Weighs in on Soothing the Mind and Moving Through Emotional Recovery

Lance McCulloch

Meet Lance McCulloch, chemical engineer, business owner, and author of the new epic novel, The Colors of Blue. McCulloch’s inspiration for writing the book came through dealing with his own series of tragic events including: losing his mother to cancer, his father's death in the Egypt Air 990 airplane crash, and being forced to shut down his company and lay off his workers after being defrauded by his business associates.

After experiencing enough adversity, heartbreak, and tragedy for several lifetimes, McCulloch embarked on writing The Colors of Blueas an outlet to recover from these extraordinary circumstances.

Click here to learn more about Lance and The Colors of Blue.

Maria Tells How to Make Goals and Keep Them!

Maria Brilaki

Maria Brilaki, founder of FitnessReloaded.com is teaming up with Jim Brickman and Your Weekend to give away her new book "Surprisingly Unstuck!" Do you wish you ate better or exercised more? Or maybe, that you lost weight and didn't actually gain it back? Wish no longer. Now it's time to actually do, stick to it, without pressuring yourself for even a second! More than 17,000 people have rebuilt their health habits with this gem. You can be next!

Visit Maria's website to learn more!

Cindy Reviews

Hollywood Reporter
Cindy Pearlman

Cindy Pearlman grew up in Chicago loving movies and everything Hollywood. She covers the entertainment industry, interviewing all of the biggest stars of movies, TV and music.

Is Johnny Depp's new movie worth checking out in theaters this weekend?

Is Johnny Depp Wearing Women's Jewelry?

Hollywood Insider
Richard Ayoub

Coming to us from RumorFix.com, Richard Ayoub doesn't run a tabloid, he gets the answers to all the questions and rumors from the biggest names in entertainment!

Richard has the info on Johnny's ring.

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