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Weekend of July 26 & 27, 2014

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Irma Blanco

Find out why bottled water isn't the best choice...

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What is the Best Exercise?

David "Yeah Dave"

"My mission is to make wellness more real and more relevant by integrating ancient Eastern tradition into modern life.

I got my start when a friend dragged me into a yoga class back in 1996. I was hooked and ended up quitting my job and moving to Phoenix to co-found a chain of yoga studios.

These studios became a pineering effort in the national yoga scene, fusing Western culture's fashion, music and technology with Eastern culture's sacred rituals and ancient tradition. Many of the trends so common in and around today's neighborhood yoga studio originated in these studios in Arizona." - Yeah Dave

Dave has a unique way of looking at health, and you're going to love it!

Keri Knows Simple Steps Lose Weight

Keri Glassman

I was born to be a nutritionist. Yup, it’s that simple. When I was in 7th grade science class I said to my friend Amy, “I’m craving almonds, my body must need vitamin E.” Yes, I was a dork. No, I had no idea what vitamin E was! I didn’t have a clue as to what I was really talking about (don’t worry, I do now!) but I clearly had an innate interest in nutrition and the body. Fast forward to my college athlete days…I was a girl stuck between wanting to fit into a pair of skinny jeans and fueling myself to wear a pair of cleats. Why did I have to choose? This is when my real true desire to be healthy, thin and strong came together. Even though I didn’t start my private practice until a decade later, this was the real birth of Nutritious Life. Just by being here, you are joining the Nutritious Life community and I am so excited for you to be a part of it! - Keri

Learn why keeping a food journal is important, and so much more!

How to Stay Cool when Conversation gets Hot

Life Coach
Tanisha Martin

Through the challenges of her own life and entrepreneurial experiences, Tanisha has developed the expertise to inspire her clients to personal freedom as they stretch to reach their goals and live their dreams. She has advised individuals as well as small business owners in a variety of stages from those who are just starting out to those with global reach. Her integrity and skills have made her a sought-after team player.

Click here to learn more about positive changes for your life!

Save Money on Gas with Every Day Purchases

Money Man
Matt Granite

Our resident "money-saving guru" has made it his mission to live a five-star life on a one-star budget, sharing exclusive daily deals and savings tips on TV stations across the country, and now on Your Weekend!

Fuel Rewards Network pays you in gas money!

Hollywood Hair Styles

Hollywood Insider
Richard Ayoub

Coming to us from, Richard Ayoub doesn't run a tabloid, he gets the answers to all the questions and rumors from the biggest names in entertainment!

You will never guess who has blue hair this summer.

What Summer Movie does Cindy Suggest?

Hollywood Reporter
Cindy Pearlman

Cindy Pearlman grew up in Chicago loving movies and everything Hollywood. She covers the entertainment industry, interviewing all of the biggest stars of movies, TV and music.

Find out why Cindy says "Boyhood" is the one movie to see

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